The ‘DCR’

As we now know, there are two main themes to this blog; wildlife and filmmaking. Concerning the latter, I have resurrected an old piece of equipment which should be quite useful.


The Sony DCR-TRV22E miniDV handycam

It’s the Sony DCR-TRV22E Handycam. Having originally come into service as a family video camera around 2004, the DCR has since fallen into disuse. For my purposes though, it should be perfect.

The main features boasted include a 10x optical zoom and a handy night vision mode.  Settings are fully automated, with some degree of control on exposure (the lens aperture is apparently F1.7). There is manual focus via the touch screen, but it’s not too practical so probably best avoided.

We’ll see how it gets on! I’ll be looking for a cheapish zoom lense for it.


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