The short film I posted about recently (that’s a very relative use of the word) has entered the editing phase. I’ve had plenty of experience watching other people put together various films (and even one landmark BBC series) in programs like Final Cut Pro, but haven’t ever had a go myself.

Jumping in at the very deep end, I first experimented with Avid Express Pro but quickly moved on to Adobe Premier Pro. Having used Photoshop for many years now, I find Premier much more familiar.

The first challenge was simply to digitise the footage I’d shot with Tim. Working with a skeleton version of the original software and wires that came with my handycam (the DCR), digitisation became a massive obstacle. USB streaming is pretty much useless, so I invested in a firewire, instantly solving all problems.

Shiny new firewire

Shiny new firewire: makes digitising a breeze

In other news, the main photograph from the post below appeared on popular gaming blog Kotaku, of which I am a massive fan. To any new visitors, thank you for reading!


One response to “Editing

  1. Hey man,
    You told me about your blog but never told me the address, so glad you commented on mine so I could find it and have a little peruse. It’s very proffessional and well written, keep up the good work! I’ve added you to a list of ‘Blog Friends’ on ours, you are now in esteemed company! The amount of extra hits you get is most likely to slowly clog and destroy any server this is being hosted on, but then thats the price of fame.
    Yours in intrigue,

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