BioBlitz, Bristol Zoo and Aardman

It’s been a busy week!

First up; I was recently asked by the Bristol Zoo Avon Gorge and Downs Wildlife Project (AGDWP) to produce a film exhibiting some work they’ve been doing with Christ Church Primary School. The children there created stories which were acted out on the Downs in front of classmates and parents.

Jeremy DeCoursey and Claire Thompson are also involved in the project, with the footage to be shown at the upcoming Festival of Nature. Our shoot took place last Thursday and we’ll also be putting together a DVD for parents to buy, with the proceeds going to a conservation project based in Africa.

Misumena vatia, a rarely seen spider at the Blaise BioBlitz

Next, the second ever Bristol BioBlitz took place over the weekend; take a look at the blog here to see what the media team got up to. The event was a huge success, with a final tally of 536 (set to go up as BRERC finishes trawling through the species data).

I helped to produce two videos, which are below. They were loads of fun to make, but neither is meant to be a masterpiece; the idea was to keep content streaming in fast.

Finally, it was off to Milton Keynes the next day to help out as a Runner on a shoot for an upcoming Aardman production. I assisted with filming and also interviewed contributors. A grand day out! (sorry)

For the next week or so I’ll be working on getting the AGDWP project ready for the Festival of Nature.


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