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Ed Drewitt’s Showreel

Ed’s presenter showreel is now finished!

Jeremy and I rounded everything off on Monday night, exporting at high resolution for DVD (using Compressor 3.5 as well as DVD Studio Pro 4 to make a menu), and at sufficient quality for the internet. We also took advantage of Motion 4 to make a couple of simple slates which correspond with Ed’s website logo.

Ed’s showreel on Vimeo.

Ed’s showreel on YouTube.

Hope you enjoy!

Made with thanks to Jeremy DeCoursey and Theo Webb
Special thanks to – Claire Thompson, Father Tom, Chew Valley Lake Bird Ringing Station and Wildscreen

Edit for a Showreel

Last week, I spent two evenings busily editing for Ed’s showreel with Jeremy DeCoursey; an all-round creative genius who has kindly agreed to act as our editor.

Having commandeered the suit at work for after hours usage, our set-up included Final Cut Pro on dual LCDs, with a CRT video monitor at the ready.

Jeremy at work

Wednesday was a particularly long haul (not leaving until 11pm), but we’ve now put together a rough cut. We hope to record voice over with Ed this week, then neaten everything up and add some royalty free music to finish off.

I haven’t posted too many outdoor photos on the blog of recent, mainly because there hasn’t been much of a chance for me to get out. Luckily, I managed to snap a few decent shots on a recent trip to Exmoor. Will have those up soon!

Wildlife Issues

At last, the film is finished. It’s only one minute long and there’s been quite a few delays, but the hard work that several people put into it has paid off (I think).

As much as anything, this was a technical exercise. It’s a little rough around the edges, and maybe slightly reminiscent of workmanship in Last Chance to See‘s drunken phytoplankton encounter (à la the mic popping in and out of frame), but still, it’s turned out better than I had hoped!

Wildlife Issues on Vimeo.

I’d really love to hear everybody’s thoughts,  so please watch, enjoy and leave comments (preferably constructive)!

My brother, James Morgan, composed the music. You can learn a little bit more about his musical high jinks here.


The short film I posted about recently (that’s a very relative use of the word) has entered the editing phase. I’ve had plenty of experience watching other people put together various films (and even one landmark BBC series) in programs like Final Cut Pro, but haven’t ever had a go myself.

Jumping in at the very deep end, I first experimented with Avid Express Pro but quickly moved on to Adobe Premier Pro. Having used Photoshop for many years now, I find Premier much more familiar.

The first challenge was simply to digitise the footage I’d shot with Tim. Working with a skeleton version of the original software and wires that came with my handycam (the DCR), digitisation became a massive obstacle. USB streaming is pretty much useless, so I invested in a firewire, instantly solving all problems.

Shiny new firewire

Shiny new firewire: makes digitising a breeze

In other news, the main photograph from the post below appeared on popular gaming blog Kotaku, of which I am a massive fan. To any new visitors, thank you for reading!