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Filming for a Showreel

Over the last few months I’ve been helping Bristol based naturalist Ed Drewitt put together a showreel for his broadcasting work. The project was briefly mentioned last time and I’m pleased to say its come along leaps and bounds since then.

In order to showcase Ed’s presenting abilities, we immediately decided to shoot brand new footage. This would also be a fantastic exercise in storytelling for myself, as Ed and I conjured up several scripts to film in and around Bristol from which we would then take excerpts for the showreel.

Along the way we brought on board Theo Webb and Claire Thompson. With Theo came a Sony Z7 and an extremely handy radio mic, not to mention a great deal of professional experience. Claire was on hand to assist and take a few stills.

Ed and Theo on the Severn Beach, filming with the z7

Timekeeping was a big issue. In what seemed at times a rather nonchalant manner, we’d set ourselves only one day in which to shoot everything. However, despite our ambitious time-limit, Ed and I had planned extremely carefully. Ready to film at location number one for first good light, we finished precisely when we meant to – maximising all we could of the diminishing daylight hours.

We filmed a sequence on urban peregrines in Bath (right click and view image for a larger version showing a male with pigeon prey)

With the break for Christmas and New Year now complete, I’ll be working on the project further as we record commentary and move onto editing.