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Wildlife Issues

At last, the film is finished. It’s only one minute long and there’s been quite a few delays, but the hard work that several people put into it has paid off (I think).

As much as anything, this was a technical exercise. It’s a little rough around the edges, and maybe slightly reminiscent of workmanship in Last Chance to See‘s drunken phytoplankton encounter (à la the mic popping in and out of frame), but still, it’s turned out better than I had hoped!

Wildlife Issues on Vimeo.

I’d really love to hear everybody’s thoughts,  so please watch, enjoy and leave comments (preferably constructive)!

My brother, James Morgan, composed the music. You can learn a little bit more about his musical high jinks here.


The Heavens Opened

Perhaps the title is a slight exaggeration, but it did rain today. For the first film on the blog, I took out the camera to shoot around Bristol, asking as many people as possible; ‘What wildlife issue most concerns you?’

By ‘as many people as possible’, I mean four (technically five, but one was a two-fer). Just after bumping into and talking with a couple of good friends, the camera battery died. I pin this on not turning the camera off whilst pacing around in a “predatory manner” trying to wrangle in unsuspecting people for interviews.

That description of my technique is courtesy of Tim Melling (pictured), who did an excellent job of keeping the camera dry and also acted as the sound guy.

Tim, the sound recordist, keeping the gear (and himself) dry

Tim, the sound recordist, keeping the gear (and himself) dry

So, a semi-successful trip. The rain didn’t help but we overcame it. In the end, we were beaten by technology. Will have to go out another day to get a few more interviews, then onto editing.